Saturday, July 9, 2016

Gigi's Visit

On Tuesday Gigi came to stay with us for a couple of days.  She arrived around 10:00 on Tuesday morning and we went to straight to the store to buy groceries.


On Wednesday I took Will up to the courthouse to meet my friends.  Then we went to the office to meet Butch and Lori.  We also dropped his daycare paperwork off at the daycare.  I learned that he will be able to start when he is 6 months old.  I go back to work on July 20th so I will only need help for a couple of weeks.

After getting home, Gigi and I started watching Season 1 of Downton Abby. She made me a sandwich and held Will while I ate.

At 2:30 Will had his weigh in where he came in at 6.9 pounds!  He is officially back up to his birth weight.  Gigi went to pick Sam and Finn up from school while I met with the doctor.  Dr. Johnson told me that Will is doing so much better.

After the appointment we stopped at Kroger for cupcakes. For dinner Gigi made a chicken pot pie that was delicious - even the boys loved it.  We watched a little more Downton Abby later that evening.


The next morning I went to my 2 week checkup - everything looks good. Gigi stayed home with Will while I was at the appointment.

Thank you Gigi for staying with us and taking care of us!

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