Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Will at 3 Weeks

Will is almost three weeks old now so I wanted to write down a few things about him at this stage. 

1. He does not sleep unless he is being held.  We have spent many night sleeping upright in the recliner.  I have tried to put him in his bassinet on multiple occasions, but the minute I walk away he walks up and starts crying.  I can't bring myself to do anything other than pick him up and hold him the rest of the night.  I am not sleeping well, but we are managing. 

2. He eats about every hour and half.  So we are always sitting in the recliner eating.  I am sure the boys are sick and tired of seeing me lounging in the recliner. 

3. He is very snuggly and so much fun to hold. On Monday of this week we literally sat and rocked from the time Michael left for the work until the time he got home.  It was wonderful.

4. He is extremely gassy.  He is constantly passing gas.  But on the bright side he is a great burper.

5. He still has his days and nights mixed up.  I have no idea how I am going to function at work next week. 

6. He likes to spread his arms way out.  His limbs are very long and likes to stretch is arms out to his sides as wide as he can. 

7. He is still falling asleep during feedings. 

8. He is already too long for one of his premmie sleepers!

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