There was a time when I was pregnant that I was disappointed in myself for waiting so long to have another child.  Finn and Sam are so close - I believe because they are close in age. I felt like I cheated Will out of having a close bond with his brothers.  Well, this may still be the case, but I have found joy in watching Finn and Sam interact with Will.  When Sam was born Finn was two years and four months old and was too little to be very interested in Sam.  This time, with Finn being six (almost seven) and Sam at 4 and half, they are very interested in their new brother.  It is so nice to see how they interact with him.  Yesterday at church, after picking the boys up from Sunday School, neither boy would even consider walking to the car until they had each had an opportunity to hug and kiss Will.  The funny thing about this is that we didn't pick them up at the same time.  We picked Sam up first and then went upstairs to get Finn.  Regardless, they both wanted to spent a moment to say hello to Will. 




Here we have Sam attempting to feed Will.  Yes, you are seeing this correctly - he is attempting to breastfeed. 



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