Thursday, July 9, 2015

PCB 2015 Day 3

Day three started out overcast as well.  Fortunately it didn’t rain so we were able to spend a lot of time at the beach.  Michael had a hearing at 9:00 and at 11:00 so I took the boys down to the ocean to play for most of the morning.

 I was so excited when Finn asked me to bury him in the sand.  I have always wanted to do that. 

During their naps Michael, Zac and I went to workout.  After we got back I took Finn down to the pool to play a little more. 

Later that evening Em, Zac, Lauren, Ryan, Michael and I went out to dinner.  We had a really nice time. Meanwhile back at the condo, the boys watched American Ninja Warrior and ate pizza with Grandad and Gigi.  When we got back we let the boys watch Raw until bedtime.

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