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PBC 2015 Day 4

Today is our last full day of vacation.  We made a quick stop to the pool where the boys ate breakfast (Pop-Tarts) poolside.  Then I decided to blow up my big float.  It was awesome.  Sam and I floated around for about an hour before it popped. Luckily it was really cheap. 

Next we went down to the ocean.  It was the best beach weather.  After the thunder storms on Sunday and the overcast on Monday, the sunshine was great.  We spent a lot of the time in the ocean.  We also found an enormous hermit crab. 

At lunch time we all went back inside.  Micheal, Finn, Sam and I went to Firehouse for lunch and then to Marble Slab for ice cream. When we got back to the room the boys took a nap and I went back down to the ocean and earned myself a sunburn. 

Right before dinner we took the boys to the beach store where Finn spent his Easter money on a stuffed shark and Sam spent his on a police car.  Finn spent the rest of the night playing with the shark.  He dragged a blue blanket into the den and made a “pretend ocean” for his shark.

The last activity of the night was snuggling and watching “Big Hero 6.”  I was feeling pretty teary and just wanted to hug my boys before leaving for my mission trip.  Finn sat in my lap the whole time.  Sam sat with Michael and acted out a lot of the movie.  It was at this point that Finn realized that he was the only “non-blonde” grandchild.  He said, “mom – look how blonde my hair has gotten.”  He followed that up with, “well, it really isn’t that blonde.  Now that Sam, he has blonde hair.”  He also noticed that Cooper and Hank were blonde too.  I think that he feels a little left out.

Sam slept in the same room with me and Michael all week. On this particular night Sam was still awake when Michael and I came to bed.  Knowing that Sam was awake, Michael and I had a very low key married couples squabble.  Nothing loud – just a small disagreement that we talked through.  On a couple of occasions Sam asked us to stop talking because he couldn’t sleep.  Having his requests ignored, Sam stepped it up a notch and said, “mommy and daddy, stop wrestling.”  Sweet little Sam thinks that all arguing is “wrestling.”  He knew that we were arguing, but couldn’t put it into words – so he used the only word he knew. 


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