Friday, July 3, 2015

Last Swim Lesson

Tuesday was the boys' last swim lesson for the summer.  I asked Finn if he was excited about his last lesson and he said, "Yes, this means that I am now a man."  They did pretty good.  We push them a lot harder at home, but they both finished pretty strong.

They spent two nights this week with Gran due to a combination of Michael being out of town and my work schedule.  They went to the park and to the Cumberland Science Museum.

These last few weeks Finn has been working on his transitional phrases.  He will hear Michael or I say a word or talk about something and say, "speaking of so-n-so." It sounds so funny hearing him talk like a little adult. 

Yesterday, Nana came up to go to BF Myers.  She made a quick stop to the house and then we had lunch at Blue Coast.  Then we went to BF Myers.  We found the massage chairs pretty quickly and sat in them for at least 10 minutes.  Sam couldn't quite figure out why were sitting in chairs that moved on its own. 

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