Thursday, July 23, 2015

The week without

The day Erin left, Gran took the boys, and I had dinner with them at her house before bringing them home. Friday, we all got ready, and I took them by Gran's then went to work. Gran took them to the zoo then brought them by the office. They got to ride both the escalator and the elevator up to my office for a minute before we went home for the day to rent Big Hero Six. We also hit up McDonalds for some foul mouthed minion toys before heading home to watch our movie from our bed on the floor. Saturday morning, we went to Chuck-E-Cheese. James and Gran met us over there after a while to play some games and handle some pizza. The boys really enjoyed the trip. After naps, we hit up the pool for a bit before going home to make cookies and watch some wrestling. Finn generally understands that Erin will be gone for a while-we count the days down at bedtime. I think Sam knows Erin will not be back, but he has asked every time we pull back into the driveway where she is. I'd guess her car being in the driveway has something to do with this as well.

Sunday morning, we hit up the doughnut shop like we almost always do then looked around at Wal-Mart. Once we got home, I packed up the boys for a few days with Nana but forgot the goggles. I went to church Sunday night, then watched American Sniper. Monday was work and mowing with another Redbox (Kingsman) and some WWE Raw. Tuesday was more mowing, and I had mexican with James and Chelsea for dinner. I then roughed the traffic toward the Boro on Wednesday to meet Nana and take the boys back home. Another "challenge" of being alone is that, once the boys go to bed, I'm on lockdown. No Sonic, Dairy Queen, etc. Erin also is the Ice Cream and cookie-baker. But not Wednesday, as I decided to give Chocolate Oatmeal cookies a shot (primarily for myself). I grabbed the recipe book, found the ingredients, and took care of business. They actually turned out fine, but I was a little surprised at how much sugar goes in there.

I was able to work from home Thursday and Friday. I took the boys to day care on Thursday, and Jack's mom picked them up to play with he and John Matthew. I got out there, and we all had dinner and hung out until almost bed time. I took the boys to Gran's on Friday then went to get Erin's oil changed. Before I dropped the boys off though, we dropped Fannie off at the vet. This was her first visit in probably 10 years. Her hair was getting clumpy/matted, but we couldn't get her a bath without first getting her mandatory shots. She hates getting in her carrier and cried all the way there. Finn was sad for her, presumably because he knows what happens to him when he goes to the doctor. Friday night was the standard wrestling filled evening (game, TV, and actual wrestling).

Saturday morning I took Finn to a program at church based off of the "Raising a Modern Day Knight" program from Focus on the Family. We dropped Sam off with Gran and Pa since he wasn't old enough, and Finn complained the whole way there about going to church. He thought he was going to normal class I guess. Regardless, he loved it. There were different stations (crafts, face-paint, and a themed game area with an obstacle course, joust, and javelin throw). We then had a short program with food. That evening, we met with Gran, Pa, and James to celebrate Gran's birthday. Before bed, we put out our blankets/bed downstairs and watched some shows. Sunday was generally spent getting ready for mommy to come home. We did the doughnut thing then tried to get an ice-cream cake at Maggie Moo's, but it wasn't open yet. The boys did their best to clean up. After naps, it was time to get ready for Erin's return.

The activities definitely waned as time went on, but I think everyone got along just fine. We counted the days, and they truly did fly by. Glad to have you home mommy....we love you!

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