Friday, October 7, 2016

More Babies

On Monday, Will woke up early so he had to go into the garage and workout with me. He loved it.

Later that morning Finn came into my bathroom and started playing with Will.  He started to look sad and said, "mom, Will is getting so big - I want you to have another baby." I told Finn that it was impossible for me to have more children. I also told him that even if I could physically have another baby, we couldn't afford another baby.  Finn said, "Mom, we can afford it. I don't have to go to private school. You can put me in public school. I'll be okay - we go to church, we read the Bible every night and I have asked Jesus into by heart - Sam hasn't, but at least I have."  It was so sweet. But as usual,  Finn left Sam hanging to dry. 

We have also come to a point where Sam is correcting my pronunciation. We were sitting at the dinner table when Sam asked for more milk. I poured him another glass, handed it to him and said, "here's your milk, Sam." Sam furrowed his brows at me and said, "MOM - why do you say 'mee-ilk?" I wasn't sure what he meant so I said, "well, how do you say it?" He said, "mom, I say milk" (he said like someone raised in California).  He said it very snootily.  I felt like he was passing judgment on me. I guess I should get used to feeling like an doofus around my kids.  They will, after all, be teenagers before you know it. 

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