Friday was Homecoming.  Every year HCA has a homecoming parade and each preschool and elementary school class prepares floats.  Sam's class was Peter Pan and Finn's class were the Incredibles.

Sam was Tick-Tock Croc and wore a crocodile hat. Sam's teacher, and the BEST teacher, I might add, is Captain Hook.

Finn as an "Incredible."

The night started off a little rough.  Right as we were set to leave the house it started to rain. This meant that putting the floats together was pretty gross.

Will was also in a pretty sour mood.  All he wanted to do was go home and snuggle.  Which I can't really blame him.  He did okay in the baby carrier for about half of the evening.  At point I was holding an umbrella, a bottle and a video camera.  Will did not like that at all.  

After the parade Finn's teacher informed us that Finn brought his piggy bank to school.  She asked if we knew and we said "no."  Apparently Finn put in his backpack without us knowing and took it to school. They were having a fund raiser at school and the winning class would get a pizza party.  I have Finn a few dollars earlier in the week to contribute.  Well, when Finn learned that his class was behind he took matters into his own hands.  Unfortunately, their class lost anyway.  Finn was pretty bummed and I felt sorry for him because he had been saving that money for three years.  Finn's teacher did tell me that she knew they wouldn't win regardless, so they only took some of the coins.  When I got home I checked Finn's bank and he still had about $80.00 in there.  We were proud of him for being generous so I replaced some of the money.