Monday, October 10, 2016

Parent/Teacher Conference

On Monday, I met with Finn's 1st grade teacher for parent/teacher conferences.  It went really well. She told me that Finn has an innate sense of justice.  She also told me that Finn is a natural leader. She asked me if I had any concerns, and I told her that I was concerned about him socially. I explained that he can be a little critical of those around him.  She smiled and said that an essential part of leadership is being able to be critical in a kind way and that we should let Finn's natural tendencies play out (because he wasn't unkind). She told me that she believes that Finn is destined for greatness, and that leadership can often result in a lonely life. 

After parent/teacher conference, I took Finn and Sam home.  I had a trial the next day so I had to prepare the rest of the day. 

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