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Tooth Number 2

On Friday, I took the boys to see "Zootopia."  We met Shelley, Jack and John Matthew at the theater. The movie scared Finn a little.  Before going to the movie we stopped at Wal-greens to stock up on candy.  I let the boys pick out one box each.  Sam had a difficult time deciding, so I suggested the gummy Life Savers.  Sam ignored my suggestion and continued to look.  He said "mom, I will get the Star Wars candy."  I was very confused.  I finally realized that Sam thought I had said "light sabers."

After the movie we met Grandad and Gigi at Cracker Barrel for dinner.  Then me and the boys rode home on the school bus with Grandad and Gigi.  The boys were so excited to be riding in the school bus.

Saturday was Finn's last basketball game.  He was pretty disappointed that Upwards is over but is looking forward to wearing his basketball shoes to school.  This is a picture of the team and the awards ceremony.  Afterwards we went to Chik-fil-a with Brandon, Carissa, Addison and Ella for breakfast.  We have made this a weekly "after basketball" tradition.

Well, we got some pretty crummy news this week on the house we want to buy.  We have a house under contract and every was going very smoothly until the appraisal.  It came back low - $25,000 low.  Not good.  Last week was a long week waiting to see if we were going to get the house.  As of right now we still don't know anything. The bank has ordered a second appraisal and we are waiting for those results to come in.  

On Monday morning of this week I heard a huge thud and then massive screaming coming from the stairwell.  Finn told me that had fallen down the stairs.  He had a pretty bit carpet burn on his back to prove it. Then he amended his statement to say that Sam had pushed him down the stairs.  Sam emphatically denied this accusation - and I believed him.  A few minutes later Sam came down the stairs and said, "mom, I actually DID push Finn down the stairs."  The way he said it was so funny. His inflection sounded like he told me with the expectation that I would be really proud of him. 

We have had a rough week with Sam.  I have been called twice by the head of the preschool department.  Sam has apparently been a terror during nap time. On Monday I had to go to school to pick Sam up early. 

Last week Michael was out of town for a couple of days so I let the boys play on their tablets for a few minutes while I wallowed in self-pity.  Yes, Sam is in his underwear, again.  But the reason my children are so regularly in their underwear is directly related to their love of wrestling.  Many wrestlers wrestle in what looks like underwear.  They are just playing the part. 

On Thursday Finn lost his second tooth.  I was brushing his teeth and noticed that his gums were bleeding.  The tooth was hanging on by a thread.  Finn sat down and let me pull his tooth.  I was so happy to get to pull it!

This is what I think of every time I see Finn with that missing front tooth. 


  1. Haha, his facial expression. My boys are always in underwear only, dont feel bad.


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