This weekend was fairly busy.  Friday night we went to see the "Jungle Book" with Jack, John Matthew, Shelley, Matt and Gran.  First we stopped at Zaxby's for dinner.  The movie was pretty good.  Sam got a little nervous during a few of the fight scenes and spent most of the movie in my lap.  Finn also got a little nervous and spent the last third of the movie in Michael's lap.

On Saturday the boys went to Aunt Nellie's 99th birthday party while I went to Manchester to drop off a table at mom's house.  Then I traveled to Shelbyville to pick up a few end tables for my bedroom that I had found on "Varage Sale."  I didn't make it home until 4:00.

When I got home Michael went out to mow.  He bought a riding lawn mower from James to make the mowing a little more manageable. The boys LOVE the mower.  They both like to drive it and Finn loves to chase it around the yard.  While they were mowing I decided to tackle the playroom.  While cleaning up I could watch the boys run around in the yard after Michael from the upstairs window.  It was really sweet.

Over the course of Saturday and Sunday and I was able to get everything for the playroom unpacked.  It still needs some work, but we are making headway.

After church on Sunday we went to Casa for lunch with Dustin and Elena and Roger and Anna from our Sunday School class.  Finn and Sam love eating at Casa and I don't blame them - it is my favorite Mexican restaurant too.  When we got out of the car, Finn said "I smell that delicious goodness." Then he goes inside and orders a hamburger - go figure.

When we got home I sat out on the back patio and read while the boys napped.  When Finn got up he came out with me and helped me move some patio furniture.  It is so neat to see him grow.  He was so helpful and took his job so seriously.  Then we went to the front yard and got in the creek.  Finn brought a little plastic sword and helped me clear out some dead twigs around the creek. He commented over and over how lucky I was that he had his sharp sword with him.  He swung that thing around like it was a machete.

Then we started looking at the moss.  It had formed a huge blanket over the backside of the creek.  Finn decided that he was going to scoot it out of the way.  At some point he misunderstood me and thought I had said mollusk instead of moss.  So for 30 minutes he commented on how heavy and gross the mollusk was. He was so sweet.

When Sam got up from his nap I decided to finish cleaning out the laundry room.  At some point I looked outside and saw Sam running around in the backyard wearing nothing but his underwear.  Not only was he only wearing underwear - his underwear was on backwards.  Even though we don't have close neighbors I did make him come in and put clothes on.

By the time we put the boys to bed, Michael and I were both exhausted.  We managed to find something to eat for dinner and then went straight to bed.