The Big Move!

On Wednesday, April 6th we closed on both our old house and our new house.  Michael and I dropped the boys off at school and then went to read our F260 Bible reading plan at McDonald's (we both really like McDonald's coffee).

At 9:30 we went to the office.  First we closed on our old house, then we closed on the new one.  Present for our closing was Kevin, the loan officer; and Brian, our buyer's agent.

We finished up a little before 11:00 and decided to go eat at Five Guys.  Next we went back to our house to change clothes and start the actual moving process. I had been packing for three (3) weeks, but we still had a few things left to do.  

The movers arrived around 12:00 and started loading up the house.  I made a few trips to the Goodwill and then to Sonic.  

At 5:00 I met Mom and the new house.  She had come up to clean the house.  Before getting started we met up with Emily (who also came to help) and ate a quick sandwich at Jimmy Johns.  Mom and Emily were a huge help!  Mom can spot dirt and grime from a mile away. 

Given my placenta previa, I wasn't allowed to move anything heavy.  So I basically stood around and told the movers where to put the furniture.  I felt completely useless.  We unpacked until around midnight and then went to bed.  Mom slept on the couch in the playroom, Finn and Sam slept on mattresses in the floor in the office, and Michael and I slept on our mattress in the entryway. 

The next morning Michael and I went back to the old house to finish the packing and cleaning up. It took us all day.  We finally finished up around 5:00.  When we finally got back to the house Mom was on her way out.  She had cleaned all day.  She also set up my kitchen and the boys' bedrooms. 

We went to bed fairly early that night.  The next day (Friday), Michael and I went to work and the boys went to school.  That night Dad came over and he started painting.   Dad painted from Friday at 6:00 p.m. to Sunday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. The only break he took was to sleep and ride with me to Home Depot to get more paint. 

Even though it was really hard, I enjoyed the move.  However, I never want to move again.