One Whole Week

Two weeks ago, we stopped putting Finn in overnight pull-ups.  Instead we put him in underwear and told him that if he didn't wet the bed for a whole week we would get him a surprise.  Well six days went by without incident.  However, on the seventh day, Finn wet the bed.  I was heart-broken for him. We made the same promise to him the next week and he took on the challenge.  I am proud to report that Finn went the entire week without one accident. For his reward, Finn picked out a "Rabbids Invasion" stuffed Rabbid - oh joy.  He was so excited about his Rabbid - took it to school with him today.

This evening Finn and Michael went to Home Depot to change out the propane tank. Finn came home with a huge "Iron Man" figurine.  I was somewhat irritated with Michael for buying Finn another toy until I learned that a clerk at Home Depot gave the toy to Finn.  I guess another child had left the toy a while back at the store and never came back to the claim it.  Again, Finn was super excited.

In other news, Sam has started noticing our wedding rings.  Every time he sees my ring he says, "Look what Daddy gave to you."  When he see Michael's ring he says, "look what Mommy gave to you."  He is so precious.

I couldn't resist putting up a picture of my gorgeous tree.