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Today at about 12:30 p.m. I found myself at Finn and Sam's school.  Yesterday, Sam came home with another poor behavior report. The teachers have tried every disciplinary technique with Sam to no avail (related to naptime). Today, when I dropped the boys off, I told them that I would be around the area at approximately 12:30 in case Sam was pitching a fit.  At 12:15, I got a text from Sam's teacher, asking for assistance.

When I went into the school, most of the children were lying on their cots trying to nap.  I found Sam, lying on cot, in the office, by himself.  He had his feet in the air and he was attempt to talk to the boys and girls in the other. He wasn't crying or throwing a fit - he simply would not be quiet during the nap time.  They had to move Sam out of his own classroom because he was such a disturbance to his classmates.

When I walked in Sam was really excited to see me - until, that is, I told him that he was going to get a spanking on his bottom.  True to my word, Sam got a spanking.  Afterwards he hung his little head low and crawled back on his cot. I told him that he was going to listen to his teachers and go to sleep.  Then I walked out and closed the door behind me.  Immediately Sam started to cry.  I popped my head back in and told him "no crying" and closed the door again.  The crying stopped, but Sam whimpered for a few minutes.  I stood next to the door to ensure that he was asleep prior to leaving.  While standing there, Ms. Cindy approached and said, "Finn wants to know if you will give him a hug after you are finished spanking Sam." Finn loves it when Sam gets in trouble! He asks me everyday if Sam has a note in his backpack.

Anyway, on my way out I stopped into Finn's room to give him a hug.  As I was leaving the room, one of Finn's friends popped up and said, "Why did you spank Sam."  I explained that Sam was not listening to his teachers.  Clearly, Finn announced to his entire class the reason for my midday visit.  Thanks Finn.


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Finn and Sam give Will absolutely NO personal space whatsoever.  They are always in face yelling and grabbing on him.  For a few minutes he will tolerate it.

Then he gets mad and starts swinging those arms.  I have warned both boys that they deserve whatever Will dishes out. 

Last Thursday was Finn's field day.  He wasn't too excited about it because he didn't get to participate at all.  He was even more upset by the fact that he only came home with a "participants" ribbon.  I guess Finn expected to get a ribbon for "Best Score Keeper."

Mexico Beach

Today I embarked on my first ever “girls’ trip.”  I have always had friends that went with their other girl friends on beach vacations, but I have never been on one myself. 
The trip started at 6:30 a.m.  I kissed the boys goodbye (Finn woke up to make sure that he got a hug) and hopped in my newly cleaned van to head to Robyn’s house. I had originally intended to meet Samantha and Karen in Hendersonville, but I spent a little too much time with the boys and got behind.  Instead, we met at Robyn’s house a little after 7:00.
Once we all arrived, we packed up the van and set out for 109.  The van has really come in handy.  We were able to get all of our suitcases, bag, pillow, etc. packed neatly into the van with room to spare.

We officially hit the road at 7:30 – the destination – Mexico Beach Florida.  Samantha’s mom has a condo that she graciously let us rent at a ridiculously low price.  The crew consisted of Samantha, Robyn, Karen and myself.  Samantha sat up front with me; Robyn an…

Gatlinburg 2.0

In mid-June Finn and Sam accompanied Grandad and Gigi to Gatlinburg.  This is their second annual trip so will refer to it as Gatlinburg 2.0. Michael, Will and I were at home, so outside of some awesome pictures and few sweet phone calls, we don't have a great deal of knowledge about the trip. What I do know is that the trip started with hot Kristy Kremes.  Upon arriving in Gatlinburg, Finn asked if the "hot sign" was on.  Seeing that it was, they stopped in for donuts.

They also went back to Clingman's Dome.  They went last year, but I didn't pack long pants and jackets so they were pretty chilly.  It was also really foggy last year.  This year went as planned; the air was clear and the boys were warm.

One of my favorites!

Another favorite.

And . . . another favorite.

They went to Dollywood later than evening and then again the next day.

It amazes me how pop culture "savy" kids are at 5.  I was never that "in the loop."