Christmas at Nana and Papa's!

The boys' favorite place to sit. Sam and Hank really hit it off.  

Around 4:00 on December 23rd we arrived at Nana and Papa's house for Christmas.  We were greeted with soup, cookies, caramel popcorn, rice crispy treats, and white chocolate covered pretzels - to name a few.  That evening Zac and Emily left to go to Erlanger in Chattanooga to visit Zac's grandmother.  So Nana, Papa, Michael and I wrangled the five (5) boys.  Everything went pretty smoothly except for poor Cooper who had the flu.  Mom and I waited too long to give him Tylenol so he was as miserable as I have ever seen anyone in my life.  He was so sweet though.

The next morning, Christmas Eve, we woke up and had Christmas breakfast.  Then it was time for the boys to open their presents.  This year we decided to try letting the boys go one at a time.  It actually worked out really well.  They were all interested in what the other was opening.

Finn's presents were wrapped in Superman paper.

Sam's were all wrapped in Batman paper.   Sam sat with Michael the entire time and waited so patiently for his turn.

Finn was very excited about his "super hero" themed Christmas gifts.

Finn was especially interested in ALL of Sam's presents.

 Finn was quite excited about his Sinestro.

Sam with his Batman books.

Finn's reaction to getting a "Green Lantern" action figure. 

 In his stocking Finn found an inflatable boxing glove.   No surprise Finn started decking everything in site. I think this is what Finn and Michael were laughing about.
 Hank got "Hot Potato" for Christmas. The boys had the BEST time playing.

 Finn's reaction to "Hot Potato."

Michael's reaction to Christmas.

 Next we put most of the boys to bed and the adults opened their presents. Finn and Quinn were allowed to participate.

After waking up, the boys all started playing with Quinn's game.  Sam broke away from the crowd, crawled up in the chair and started reading his Batman books.  

After the group picture we tried out best to get Finn to hold Quinn for a picture.  He just couldn't make himself do it.  Finn is not a fan of Quinn. He is terrified that Quinn is going to spit up on him.

Next we ate Christmas dinner.  After dinner we loaded up and headed home.  Once at home we let the boys play with their toys for a few minutes before putting them to bed.

For Christmas Eve, Michael and I rented a movie (Edge of Tomorrow) and ate cookies. It was so nice to sit quietly for a few hours.  We went to bed around 1:00 excited for Christmas morning.