Thanksgiving 2015

On Wednesday night we went to spend the night with Nana and Papa.  By the time we arrived, Em's crew was already all there.

We started our evening doing our favorite thing - sitting in the kitchen, talking.  The boys did their favorite thing too - wrestling on Nana's new furniture. 

For dinner Nana made taco salad AND turkey cookies!!

Sam and Hank found each other pretty early in the evening and stuck tight to each other all night.

After dinner we all sat upstairs and the boys played Angry Birds with Papa.  They got so excited every time they earned a point.   See Finn's excitement below.

Sam decided that he needed to take pictures.  He refused Nana's real camera and instead opted for his fake "Frozen" phone camera.

The next morning we all went out to play before lunch.

They swung on the tire swing. . .

Played horse shoes . . .

Played on the playground . . .

Climbed trees . . .

And built a fire.

Next we took a walk to the near by farm and petted the donkeys, alpacas, horses, lamas, and cats. They boys loved it.  On the way home Finn was thrilled to have found a dime on the road.  As it turns out, Papa had dropped coins on the road all the way home.  Finn collected two dollars and sixty six cents.

After lunch we opened our Christmas ornaments.

Notice that the boys are in different states of dress.  Sam went for broke and hung out in his underwear the rest of the night.

The boys and I decided to stay another night.  After everyone else we went outside and roasted marshmallows.

Sam and Finn also sang us every song they have ever learned.  Papa sang a little too!