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Beech Bending It

On Saturday the boys were up at 5:00 a.m.  They were so excited about their trip to Beech Bend.  We met Gran, Pa, Chelsea and James at the Hardees in Goodlettsville for breakfast.  Neither was terribly impressed by the cinnamon raisin biscuit - sacrilege!

We got to the park about 10:30 and immediately started riding rides.  I think that both of my children will be "big time" theme park fans.  Finn, Sam and I rode "the boat" ride first.  They loved it.  Then we rode one of those circular, nauseating rides with uncle James, but every time James would try to spin our seats Sam would yell at him to stop. Next, Micheal and Finn rode the kiddie roller coaster.

Then we found the bumper cars.  Sam couldn't make his go at all - so he basically sat there the entire time wedged between the wall and other cars.

Next they rode the "obnoxious horn ride" (these are my own names for the rides.).  On this ride, the boys rode stationary motorcycles around in a circle and blew the most obnoxious horn I have ever heard.

Then they rode the "Whip."  It was really a very simple concept - you ride around in a oral pattern, but when you get to the turn, the ride whips you around.  The first time they hit the whip, Sam's eyes went huge and I was sure that we would start crying.  Instead, he took one look at Finn and the two of them busted out laughing.  Sam has THE best laugh!

Next we rode Sam's favorite ride - the school bus ride.  He yelled the whole time - "this is fun mommy!"

On our way to eat lunch, Finn and I stopped at the Himalaya - this kid loves thrill rides - and then we rode the big swings.

We made a quick stop for lunch and then it was time for the waterpark section of the park.  We first hit the kiddie area and then we hopped in the lazy river - my favorite.  Finn rode in a double float with Gran while Sam sat in my lap.  The lazy river dumps you out in the wavepool so Sam got to experience the wavepool as well.

On our way out, Finn and I made a quick stop to a ride that is just like "Prime Evil Swirl" at Disney World. Then the boys asked me to ride the monster truck ride.  This was the bumpiest and most uncomfortable ride that I have ever been on.

It really was the most perfect day.  It only got into the 70, there was no rain and we didn't wait for any rides.

Once we got back to the parking lot, we realized that our car wouldn't start. Luckily a car next to us had jumper cables and we were able to get to a store to buy a new battery.

For supper we stopped at Olive Garden where they boys "cleaned up."  Sam had a ton of salad, spaghetti and ice cream.  They were both good as gold in the restaurant.

Uncle James enjoying the water park.


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