The Art of Obedience

The tablet has been a huge hit.  Sam loves to play his "Thomas" game on it.  The only problem is that Sam is not so keen on putting it away when it is time to get ready for school.  One day this week I caught Sam playing with his tablet before school.  I asked him to put it away and go upstairs.  A few minutes later I noticed that Sam was nowhere to be seen.  I looked and looked and finally Finn told me that Sam was in the coat closet.  

I went back downstairs and opened the closet door to find Sam sitting in the coat closet, naked as a jaybird, playing with his table.  

On Sunday morning during breakfast we started discussing Valentines Day.  Finn, who regularly asks me about marriage, asked "how many people can you marry?"  I told him that you can only marry one person.  Finn, without missing a beat, responded, "but Jacob had to two wives."  Sam then informs me that he isn't going to get married because he doesn't like girls.  Finn really tickles me with the words that come out of his mouth.  On Friday night we ate pizza.  Finn looked at the pizza and said, "do we only have pepperoni?"  We said, "yes."  He replied, "that's unfortunate."

Later than evening we met Gran ate Casa for dinner.  Since Michael and I had worked all day on the house, we decided to give the boy's their Valentines at dinner.  I got them stylus pens for their tablets and they seemed to really like them. 

Sam and his friend Rowdy at his Valentine Party.