Monday, May 16, 2016

Hanging About

On the way to school today Finn told me that he wished that he couldn't hear that way he didn't have to hear scary music or bad words on TV.  I told Finn there was an easier way to accomplish this and recommended that he simply top watching TV. He didn't think this was best solution, but did not offer up another proposal of his own.  I then told him hard it would be lose his hearing and that I was thankful that I had mine.  He responds with "mom, I sure am thankful that I still have my arm."  He said it as though it common place for limbs to fall off at random.

That evening, the Finn decided that he wanted to make homemade pizza. He does a surprisingly good job - especially now that we have the counter space to do it.


The boys have decided that our bed is the most comfortable bed they have even laid in and take ever opportunity to hop in with us.  Michael loves it when the boys disrupt his sleep!

This weekend was nice.  Michael and I had a nice dinner with Corey and Audra from Sunday School at the Starr Ranch on the Square.  The next morning I went to get my pre-natal massage (mother's day present).  Afterward we met Gran, the boys (they spent the night with Gran) David, Sharon and Henry at Red Robin.  After lunch Finn and I went to see the new Captain America movie with Shelley and Jack while daddy and Sam went to Chuck-E-Cheese for their "Special Day."  Michael likes to plan a special one-on-one day with each of the boys a couple times a year.  After Chuck-E-Cheeses, they went and Sam picked out a John Cena figure - hence the pose.


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