Wednesday, May 25, 2016


One of the perks of being is Kindergarten is that you get a Yearbook.  Finn was very excited to show me every single page! Sam, was also excited  - he looked over Finn's shoulder and yelled with glee every time he saw himself, one of his friends, or someone he recognized.  When pre-ordering the Yearbook, I didn't realize that the preschool was included - so I didn't order Sam one.  Well, this little slip up was not lost on Sam and he asked me a thousand times why he didn't have a Yearbook.

A few pictures of Sam eating corning.  When "Head Begley" is out of town, I cook food from my childhood.

While the boys hate it when Michael goes out of town, they love that they get to sleep in our bed.  I thought the sleeping arrangement would get easier given that we have a big bed now.  Nope - they both sleep right next to me the whole night.


I love this picture.



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