Friday, January 2, 2015

McDonalds Hamburgers

Michael and I are not fan of McDonalds.  Other than the coffee, there isn't one thing that we like to eat at McDonalds.  I imagine most adults feel the same way.  However, for a child - specifically my child, a McDonald's hamburger is the most delicious meal ever created.

One day last week I took the boys to get a haircut.  Off topic, Sam got the worst haircut imaginable. It looks like this. . . .

The appointment was scheduled for right around lunch time so I stopped at McDonalds because it was literally right next door, and ordered two (2) McDonald's cheese burgers for the boys to eat while getting their hair cut.  Finn was immediately hooked and exclaimed to all who would listen at Gigggles (the haircut place) that this hamburger was THE BEST HAMBURGER HE HAD EVER TASTED!  The burger must have been really good, because both children failed to notice that in addition to burger, they were eating a good deal of their own hair (because as it was being cut it would fall onto and stick to the burger). I really didn't think this one through all that well.

Anyway, now almost every day, Finn will ask, "Mom, can we go to McDonald's and get one of those delicious hamburgers."  He specifically asks for a "delicious hamburger."

Today is December 30th and the boys are home all day.  I decided not to take them to school so that they could spend as much time playing with their new toys as possible before going back for the new year.  It is getting close to lunch time and I asked Finn if he would like to get a McDonald's hamburger for lunch.  His eyes got big as quarters and he excitedly whispered "YES!"  He then whispered, "don't tell Daddy, because we aren't eating very healthy."

Sam built this fort to nap in. 

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