Right of Passage

At some point as a parent you are going to make your children mad.  This is a fact.  You are probably also going to hear those three little words - "I hate you."  I would consider this a parent's right of passage.  Well, this hasn't happened to me . . . yet - but we got pretty darn close this week.  One night I asked Finn to turn off his video game.  He was heart broken.  He put forth so much effort in an attempt to get me to change my mind that I thought he might collapse of mental exhaustion. Knowing Finn as well as I do - his pleas, plea bargains, and crafty arguments do not affect me anymore.  In admitting his defeat Finn said through tears, "I am going to run off and get eaten by a wild animal so that you will be so sad."  I wished him well and offered to help him pack his bags.

Just so that I don't forget, Sam calls motorcycles "mertyl-cycles."

And Finn, while playing with his toys today said, "I'm so glad that God made me so curious so that I can know so much about superheroes."

I got in a fender/bender on Thursday - the coldest day of the year. 

Today Michael and I went upstairs to find that the boys were in their bedroom with the door locked.  When we finally got in we found Finn and Sam laying in the top bunk reading a Batman book together.  Finn has memorized this book and reads it to Sam. 

Much to our dismay, Sam has learned to get up and down from the top bunk.  He is very careful, but it still makes us a little nervous seeing Sam in his slippery little socks going up and down that ladder. The other day I went into his room to wake him up from his nap.  I think that he had slept for a little over four (4) hours and I thought that he really needed to get up.  When I walked into his bedroom I didn't see him in his bed.  I walked over to the bed to feel the covers (I assumed he was just way under the covers).  Again, I couldn't find him.  For a split second I felt an overwhelming sense of panic.  Where was he?  I checked the rest of the upstairs - no Sam. I went back into the room and happened to look in the top bunk.  At some point Sam had gotten out of his bed and crawled up into Finn's bed.  (Finn naps in our room because we don't want him to wake Sam up). He looked so sweet just snoozin' away.