New Years Day

On New Years Day we traveled to Granny and Papa's for the the Vaughn Family Christmas/New Years Day lunch. Upon arrival, Aunt Tracey was violently tackled by three very blonde monsters.

 Papa was also ransacked by three needy boys.

 We had a really great visit.  We talked politics with Uncle Jerry.

We ooh and ahh'ed over all the kids.

 We got a genuine smile from Michael.

 And we played "Dirty Santa."

 Sam was a little bummed during "Dirty Santa" as he didn't understand 1) the rules, and 2) why he didn't get to open a present.

Hank collected all of the tissue paper for safe keeping. 

Such a good picture of MJ - of maybe I should say "Speed Demon."

All of the great grandchildren playing with silly string.

 It looks like Bruce has cast a spell on Sam.

 Rex and Finn fighting with sticks.

 Our best attempt at a great grandchild picture. Sam, Finn, Quinn, Rex, Sadie, Emmy, Cooper, Hank and Bruce.

 The bookends of the grandchildren - the oldest and the youngest.

The grandchildren - Me, Kara, Megan, Anna, Emily, Josh and Caleb.