The Photographer

Finn loves grabbing our phones and taking pictures.  Most of his work is notably terrible - but every so often he can catch a moment.  This morning Sam and I were having a "moment" in celebration of his morning potty break.  Unbeknownst to us, Finn was capturing the whole thing.  A little blurry, but I wouldn't trade it.

On the way to school this morning Sam asked the same question he asks every time we drive through the neighborhood, "Is Christmas Over?"  As always, I respond, Yes, Sam it's over" which is immediately followed up with "Why?!?"  Anyway, seeing a chance to start making a new "wish list" Finn inquires as to the next holiday.  I told him MLK Day and Valentines Day - both of which he scoffed at as they aren't big gift giving holidays. When I finally made it to Easter Finn's excitement began to bubble over.  I gently reminded Finn that Easter is not about getting presents.  He "huffs" at me says "I know Mom."   (I wait for him to tell me that Easter is about Jesus). Then, ever so confidently, Finn says, "Easter is all about finding Easter eggs. Official proof that I have failed as a parent.  I say it in jest - but it's kinda true. 

This afternoon I took the boys to Kroger for Sam to pick out 1) his special birthday treat to take to school and 2) his birthday breakfast.  I feel very strongly that Finn had a big influence on Sam's decisions. Sam loves Poptarts.  We don't buy Poptarts, but once a year I will buy Poptarts if that is what Sam wants for his birthday breakfast.  I knew for sure that Sam would pick Poptarts - but "Mastermind Finn" decided that he wanted Lucky Charms - so what did we leave with . . . why Lucky Charms of course. It's really hard to convince a three year old that he is being duped.  Finn also knew exactly what he wanted for Sam to bring as a special snack and tried all of his tricks to get Sam to pick donuts. Luckily Sam held his ground picked cupcakes.  

Later in the evening Finn asked to play the Nintendo.  Sam asked to play too.  Finn doesn't like to play with video games with Sam because Sam doesn't really know what he is doing and it slows Finn down.  But no worries, Finn has come up with a solution.  He gives Sam a controller that is not plugged in, pulls Sam's chair up next to his own and actively convinces Sam that he is playing.  Finn will go as far as to give fake compliments and make encouraging remarks like "good job Sam, you got the bad guy!" to keep the illusion going strong.