Becoming Independent.

Saturdays are becoming increasingly easier at our house due to the fact that Finn has learned to turn on the TV and the Xbox.  When I get up on Saturdays, Finn and Sam have both eaten breakfast - Finn makes cereal - and Finn is playing Xbox while Sam plays quietly in the floor.  It is pretty awesome. That is until Finn started waking up before sun-up on school days to play Xbox.  Last week I caught him climbing on the counter tops in an attempt to make oatmeal for himself and for Sam.

I explained to Finn that he cannot get up on school days to play video games.  He gave me his most grown up expression and said "mom, I'm doing this for you.  I know you need more sleep and I really want to help you out."  Wow . . .

These are pictures of Sam eating his breakfast upstairs.  Finn typically will finish eating before Sam.  He will then leave the table.  Sam doesn't like to sit at the table by himself so he grabs his bowl and follows Finn.