Snow Week

Well, as we all know it has been a week of snow.   Finn, Sam and I have had ALOT of time together.  I think that we spent much of the week suffering from cabin fever as we didn't leave the house.

The boys spent the night with Gran on Sunday night. Michael went to pick them up on Monday. Well, when he turned the car on his back windshield exploded and glass went everywhere.  Uncle James came to save the day by bring his big truck to the house.  He picked up Michael and then they went to get the boys.

On Tuesday we took the boys out in the snow.  Sam decided that he did not want to wear gloves.  It took about 30 seconds before he started begging for my gloves.

Finn with his ice weapons.  Finn spent most of his playtime de-icying all of the structures in the yard.

On Thursday Finn spent the day with his friend Jack.  Finn hasn't really ever done this before, so it was kind of strange putting Finn in someone else's car and watching him drive off.  He had a really good time at Jack's house and I was able to spend some time with Sam.

Sam was really in to those Doritos.

Later than evening I went out for a homevisit.  The visit was in my neighborhood so I wasn't worried about the roads.  Well, when I got back I slid on the ice on our sidewalk and took a nasty fall.  My entire right side was hurt.  My ankle knotted up, my knee was sore, my elbow as cut and bruised.  I actually cried from the pain. When I finally made it into the house Sam took good care of me.  He saw me cry and immediately ran over to me and tried to soothe me.  He rubbed my hair and my face and said, "oh mommm, it's okay."  The rest of the evening he escorted me from room to room to make sure that I didn't fall.  He held my hand and said, "now be careful mom."

I didn't take any chances the rest of the week.  I pulled out mom's old hiking boots. And when I say old - I think that she got these in her 20's. They worked great!  The tread is insane.
On Saturday I met Mom and MJ for lunch at Maggiano's.  Then we went to tour the Belle Meade Plantation. Even though it was above freezing, we still couldn't get Emily's SUV out of ice covered parking lot.  We ended up throwing a ton a pebbles from the parking lot under her tires and she was able to squeal out.  It was pretty exciting.  


  1. Awe Sam is So sweet!! Glad you are feeling better!


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