Big WWEend

Let's just say that Uncle David is awesome! On Friday Gran picked the boys from school. Michael and I had a really busy weekend, so the boys spent the night with Gran.  Their first stop was Uncle David's house where they geared up!

Sam as John Cena

Finn as Roman Reigns

Here they are with their "Money in the Banks." 

My big weekend started with meeting Grandad, Gigi, Lauren, Ryan and Robyn at Demos for a "carbo-load."  Dad and Lauren were in town for the Music City Marathon.  They spent the night at our house while Michael and I went to Dustin and Elena's for David Platt's Secret Church. 

The "Secret Church" streaming event was awesome.  Michael and I left around 2:00 a.m. and it was still going strong. 

 We left early because I scheduled to get up 5:00 a.m. and go downtown to cheer Dad and Lauren on in the half marathon. 

This is dad and Lauren at the start.  They were in coral 31. 

Right after they passed up, we quickly checked the map and Gina, Ryan and Robyn and I ran to the next spot where we thought me might see them again. We tried to see them at the 10 mile mark.  We stood at the bridge over 11th Avenue for an hour and waited for them to come by.  Somehow or another we missed them.  Then we had to book it back to L.P. Field to catch the finish. Overall we saw them 3 times on the route and at the finish line. 

They did it!

Afterwards we celebrated with a Pharmacy Burger.