Friday, April 3, 2015

Good Friday

Today is Good Friday.  We were all home today from work and school.  I got up with the boys around 8:00 and went downstairs to fix breakfast.  While the boys were eating I sat down at the computer to blog.  Finn and Sam saw pictures of baby Henry and asked to see their respective baby pictures. I went way back in my blog to Finn's first few days.  Finn and I decided that he made the strangest faces.  Almost every post has a quintessential Finn expression.

While we were looking at Finn's pictures, Sam started to notice his "bunny."  When Finn was born, Nana bought Finn a stuff bunny. In honor of Cooper Cox, we named that bunny "mini trash."  Despite my best efforts, Finn never really cared for "mini trash".  However, a little over two years later "mini trash" received a second chance and became the very favorite toy of a boy named Sam.  Sam was not pleased about baby Finn "posing" with his bunny.  And when I say "posing" I mean that I strategically placed the bunny in Finn's pictures.

For the next hour Sam was near tears at the thought of Finn regaining his spot as the rightful owner of the bunny.

Next we looked at Sam's baby pictures.  Sam noticed that he was being held in a lot of his pictures.  A few minutes later he told me that he wanted to be "little" again.  I asked him why, and he said so that I would hold him all day.

Later in the day Sam and I went shopping.  When we got home the boys played wresting (of course).

Sam - on the microphone. 

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