Monday, April 6, 2015

The Phunky Griddle

This morning I was awoken at 7:00 by the sound of someone (more than likely Finn) scooting a kitchen chair across the tile floor.  I correctly deduced that Finn was attempting to make breakfast.  As I approached the kitchen I heard the hum of the microwave.  I walked in to see both boys staring intently up at the microwave.  They were mesmerized by the cracking, popping and electrical lighting that you typically see when you accidentally put something metal in the microwave.

I ran over to microwave to see that Finn had put a single pancake on one of my china Christmas plates in the microwave for 10 minutes and 34 seconds.  He was quite  pleased with himself. My Christmas china has a medal rim  - thus the reason for the electrical show.

I finished the pancakes and started cleaning up after the boys.  While doing so I noticed that Finn had managed to find the kitchen shears and cut open the pancake bag.  So, in the scope of just a few minutes, Finn could have cut off a finger and burned the house down.

I dub thee Henry:  After breakfast Sam comes walking down the stairs gently cradling his bunny.  He said, "mom, look at my baby."  He told me his baby's name was Henry and asked if I wanted to hold him.  As he was handing him to me he said, "be so careful mom."  Sam then begins to take care of his baby.  He unrolled a roll of paper towels in an attempt to secure a tissue for his new baby.  Then once he wipe his baby's nose, he proceeds to cover his baby up with the same paper towel that he just used as a snot rag. He then felt it necessary to tell me that "you never put Henry in the sink!"  This might lead one to believe that in the short time Henry has been "outer utero" and in the even shorter amount of time that Sam has spent with him, Sam had attempted, or at least disclosed his plan, to put Henry in the sink.

Last week we all met Nana at Emily's house for an early Easter breakfast.  When we got to Em's house her sweet boys ran up to me and hugged me asked me to play with them.  It was so sweet.  We decided to go to the Phunky Griddle for breakfast.  This place is really neat.  All of the tables have griddles in the center so that you can cook your own pancakes or eggs.  

Despite the way this pictures looks, the boys were all really excited.  Both of my touched the hot griddle the second they set down.  But that did not deter  them from desperately wanting to make their own pancakes.

They were both good as gold during breakfast.  After ate Nana gave the boys their Easter present.  Finn got a Randy Orton and Sam got a John Cena.  They were so excited!

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