Saturday was a pretty uneventful day for us.  I cleaned out and organized the garage while Sam and Finn played close by.  At 11:30 we went over to Hippity Hop for a birthday party.  Sam typically hates parties at Hippity Hop because he is scared of the bouncies.  We were one of the first to arrive so I got into to the bouncy with Sam to help him get used to it.  We went down the slide about five times together, then he was good to go.  I don't think that I saw him the rest of the party. He even managed to keep his underwear dry.

I am ever amazed at Finn's creativity.  Yesterday, he decided that he wanted to dress up like "Neville." Not the Neville from Harry Potter - by his attire, you have probably guessed that Neville is a wrestler.  To complete his look he used my leg warmers as knee pads and two Styrofoam cups as wrist bands. It was the cups that impressed me the most.  He then walked slowly down the stairs while announcing his own entrance.  It's stuff like this that confirms for me that Finn can do anything he sets his mind too - and anything less is just pure laziness on his part. With this in mind, I will probably put this picture on  Finn's college graduation invitations as a reminder of his ingenuity.

Later in the evening Michael and Finn went on a walk around the neighborhood.  Sam was supposed to go too, but he woke up from his nap about 3:00 and cried in misery for no less than 4 hours.  We couldn't calm him or comfort him no matter what we tried.  He didn't really have a fever and he really couldn't tell us what was wrong.  He just kept saying "I ate too much candy."  From that I surmised that his stomach hurt.  After his bath I gave him some medicine and he seemed to feel much better.

Michael asked Finn to pretend that he was falling.


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