Playing School

Yesterday Finn asked me to play school with him. We went through everything he does during a typical day at school.  We spent quite a long time playing "my favorite."  He explained that Mrs. Raymer asks them what their favorite [insert category] is, asks them to write it out and then to draw it (she helps them spell the words).  Finn explained to me how important it is to play this game because it helps him with his printing skills.

This first picture is of Finn's "favorite food."   Do you see the top line?  This is Finn's illustration of his favorite food.  He was gravely hurt that I couldn't recognize that this is mashed potatoes, broccoli and pizza. Oh, and when did Finn start liking broccoli????

Next was Finn's "favorite song."  On this day he chose the song "Alexander Hamilton."  Below is a picture of our Founding Father's jamming out with a guitar, a trumpet and drums. 

This is Finn's "favorite show;" wrestling, of course.  He drew a picture of Brock Lesner and commented on how much his picture resembled the real Brock Lesner - bless him. 

After it got dark we took the boys on a walk around the neighborhood to look at Halloween decorations.  We made about a half mile loop.  Some of the decorations were pretty frightening, but the boys had fun. 


  1. Oh how I love children's printing and drawing! Great job Finn, I identified the pizza before I read the description.


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