The Magic Bunny

It's no secret that Sam has had a hard time at school during nap time.  Faced with an insurmountable problem, I made the tough decision to send "Bunny" to school with Sam.  I have avoided this because in the event "Bunny" accidentally gets left at school we are in a for a rather unpleasant night.  If you ever see a news report about a crazy person breaking into the preschool at HCA after dark, you know it will be me retrieving Sam's "Bunny."

Well, "Bunny" has worked like a charm.  Yesterday when I picked Sam up from school his teacher said, "that must be a magic bunny."  Since introducing the bunny at nap time, Sam had done great.

This got me to thinking . . . I really need a back-up bunny.  I was able to find the exact bunny  - he is called bashful beige bunny (12 inches) from Jellycat.  So without hesitation I ordered him.

He arrived last night.  This is Sam seeing "New Bunny" for the first time.  He was so excited!  But his excitement wasn't about getting a new bunny for himself - he was excited that the love of his life "Bunny" now has someone to play with.

I promise these are the same bunnies.  Sam's bunny is just well loved.  Bunny is always on his mind. He is so gentle and thoughtful to bunny. If his treatment of "Bunny" is any indication, Sam will be a great father.

When it was time for bed, Sam handed me "New Bunny" and asked me to put him away for the night because he wanted to sleep with "Bunny."  This sounds so silly, but I was so happy that Sam stayed loyal to "Bunny."  Sam has always been loyal - that is just one of his many good character traits.

 Not to get too mushy, but I really love that bunny too because Sam loves him so much.Speaking of, I don't think that I will ever be able to read the Velveteen Rabbit again without drowning in tears.

Just a few pictures of "New Bunny's" first night.  I will probably put "New Bunny" away and only get him out upon the complete disintegration of "Bunny."  That will be a sad day indeed.

This is written by Michael: 

When the boys were riding home from  David's yesterday, Finn mentioned to me how he wishes David didn't leave to go far away again. They talked about Pa being out, then I mentioned how we almost ended up joining the pipeline a year and half ago. It bothered Finn to the point that he said he would be devastated if I was gone that far away. He then said something to the effect of how he would choose having me (dad) around over playing video games. He said the games would be a "zero". I assured him that he wouldn't be leaving. It just goes to show how much young ones can be affected when we may not think things would be as big of a deal to them.