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Kindergarten Graduation

Thursday, May 26th was Finn's Kindergarten graduation. He was selected to represent George Washington and open the program.  This Finn messing up his opening line.  Instead of "Welcoming everyone" he started saying his George Washington lines.  He realized it a few seconds in, stopped abruptly, through his hands up, and started again. 

Finn singing - it really gets into it. 

At the end they did a cap and gown ceremony. 

After the ceremony we all went to the cafeteria for a reception.  Mrs. Raymer had all of the children's diplomas and trophies on display.  

Afterward we went to Culvers for dinner.

We had a really great turn out - Nana, Grandad and Gigi, and Gran all attended.  When we got there Sam went to sit in Grandad's lap.  During this time Sam started to point at something.  Sam typically points with his middle finger (I'm not sure why).  Grandad corrected him and showed him that we point with out pointer finger.  Sam protested.  About that time Headmaster Slater walked over and said, "How's the Begley bunch doing?" Sam, without saying a word turns to Headmaster Slater and raises his middle finger defiantly to the sky and leaves it there for the whole world to see.  I knew that he was proving to Grandad that he points with this middle finger - but to the rest of the world it looked like Sam had just given a hard "bird" to the Headmaster.  Headmaster Slater then looked and me and says, "I see what he is learning at home."  Thanks Sam. 


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Finn and Sam give Will absolutely NO personal space whatsoever.  They are always in face yelling and grabbing on him.  For a few minutes he will tolerate it.

Then he gets mad and starts swinging those arms.  I have warned both boys that they deserve whatever Will dishes out. 

Last Thursday was Finn's field day.  He wasn't too excited about it because he didn't get to participate at all.  He was even more upset by the fact that he only came home with a "participants" ribbon.  I guess Finn expected to get a ribbon for "Best Score Keeper."

Gatlinburg 2.0

In mid-June Finn and Sam accompanied Grandad and Gigi to Gatlinburg.  This is their second annual trip so will refer to it as Gatlinburg 2.0. Michael, Will and I were at home, so outside of some awesome pictures and few sweet phone calls, we don't have a great deal of knowledge about the trip. What I do know is that the trip started with hot Kristy Kremes.  Upon arriving in Gatlinburg, Finn asked if the "hot sign" was on.  Seeing that it was, they stopped in for donuts.

They also went back to Clingman's Dome.  They went last year, but I didn't pack long pants and jackets so they were pretty chilly.  It was also really foggy last year.  This year went as planned; the air was clear and the boys were warm.

One of my favorites!

Another favorite.

And . . . another favorite.

They went to Dollywood later than evening and then again the next day.

It amazes me how pop culture "savy" kids are at 5.  I was never that "in the loop."

Surprise sickness

When I picked Will up from daycare yesterday, I was informed that several babies had gone home throwing up.  Thirty minutes later - Will threw up too - in the car! It was so gross and so smelly.  The boys were really upset. For a minute, I thought they would throw up from the smell.  Luckily, we were on our way to the dentist so they quickly forgot about Will's vomit and started panicking about the dentist.  You see, I had kept this little tidbit from them until right before time to go.  This spared me days of whining.

Oh, and Will just started eating carrots.  That is why he is orange. 
When he got to the dentist's office I took Will in to change him.  When I pulled his only spare outfit out of the diaper bag I notice that the "do not steal me" hard, plastic tag was still attached.  Perfect.  I decided that he would just wear nothing.  So he sat in my lap, wearing nothing but his diaper all while throwing up into a baby blanket.  It was a make it work moment.  And o…