Wednesday, June 1, 2016


It is really hard to find a bathing suit when you are 33 weeks pregnant.  It is even harder to find a bathing suit when you have two little boys shopping with you.

In preparation for our pool party, I made a quick stop by Dillards on Sunday just to see if there was anything that I could make work.  The answer was a resounding NO but I had to look nonetheless.

The boys are of an age where I don't bring them in the dressing room with me anymore.  Since I had both of them with me, I arranged to put them both in the dressing room right next to mine so that I could hear what they were doing and more importantly know if they had left for any reason.

About midway through I started hearing a weird noise coming from the boys' room.  I asked Finn what they were doing and he said, "We found some stickers."  I thought that was weird - but there are weirder things to be found at the Rivergate Mall. Not giving it another thought I put the bathing suits back on their hangers, left the dressing room and told the boys "let's go."

Moments later I discovered what stickers the boys had found when Sam came walking around the corner with several clear protective hygiene bathing suit liners stuck to his face, arms and hands.  It was hilarious and horrifying all at the same time.

The next thing I knew the cashiers had rushed over to Sam and were covering him with hand sanitizer.  They were laughing so hard that they could barely catch their breath.

I may never take them shopping again.

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