A Constant Reminder

Will is 8 months old.  He is doing so much.  He can sit unassisted really well, he can stand for a short period of time, he can roll over, he sleeps on his stomach now, he can hold his own bottle, and he plays with everything in sight.  But the thing that has changed the most about Will is his dependence on me.  Before, in order for him to be content, he had to be sitting in my lap.  Now, he prefers to sit in the floor next to me and play.  Will was a really clingy infant, so I have been secretly looking forward to this day since he was just a few months old.  However, now that its here, I can't help but feel a little lonely.  He has been my shadow for 8 months.

This morning, as I was attempting to feed him and rock him, he started wiggling and arching his back and trying to get up.  I put him in the floor and he calmed right down.  He grabbed for the nearest toy in sight and looked up at me and smiled.  At that moment, the Lord, as clear as if he was speaking to me, said, "Erin, see, he has a purpose on this earth."  I was reminded that Will (and Finn and Sam for that matter) is not here to make me happy or fulfill me.  His purpose is not to sit in my lap and give me a warm feeling.  His purpose is to grow both physically and spiritual and to glorify the Father through his life.  I sat and watched him play for a few more minutes and thought, so much of my life will be watching him, cheering him on and offering guidance.  This moment is just a picture of my relationship with my boys. In spite of being a little teary about Will's new found independence, I focused on the blessing that is my opportunity to be present in his life.  Regardless of how old the boys get, or how "uncool" I get, I will always have a front row seat.