On Monday afternoon Gigi picked Sam up from school and took him back to Tullahoma to have a sleepover with Cooper, Hank, and Quinn.

The next day, Lane, Levi and Easton came over to play. 

I picked Finn up at school at the normal time.  Finn had apparently seen Gigi pick Sam up from school early was was none too happy.  He expressed great frustration to his teacher over the injustice of it all (or so I was told by Finn's teacher).

I tried to make it up to Finn by planning a fun family night.  I let him play video games while I cooked dinner. Then after dinner Finn and I played the longest game of Checkers I have ever played. Finn has gotten really good at Checker since the last time we played.  He plans ahead and thinks about every move.  I broke a sweat, figuratively speaking, trying to beat Finn.

Next Finn, Michael and I played a couple games of "Candyland" while Will rolled around in the floor next to us.  The whole family dynamic changed drastically without Sam around. It was a very peaceful evening. It was a little too quiet though. I told Michael that our family felt so much older.

To top off our fun evening, I let Finn sleep with me.  He woke up the next morning telling me that he had the best night sleep of his entire life.  Finn, Will and I got ready so quickly this morning that we had time to sit in bed and read a little big of "Captain Underpants."  Finn told me that this was the best school morning of his life.