Finn's First Heartbreak

Last week, Finn hopped in the van after school and asked me why he didn't go Levi's birthday party. He informed me that everybody else in his class went except for him.  I told Finn that he didn't go because I didn't know about it. (This is true statement - Finn did not come home with an invitation.) Finn asked why I didn't see the invitation.  I told him that one of two things happened 1) he lost the invitation or 2) he wasn't invited.  Finn did not readily accept either option.  He was sure he didn't lose the invitation - in fact, he said he never saw an invitation.  I told him that it may be that he just wasn't invited.  I explained that its okay that he wasn't invited and there will be other parties that he may not be invited to either.  I explained it in the "that's life kid" sort of way.  He still was not ready to admit that he wasn't invited, so I asked him if anyone else from his class didn't go.  He said, "oh yes" and named a few names.  He followed up with "the annoying people in my class didn't go."  The second the words left his lips you could see realization flood his innocent little face.  You could tell that he was putting two and two together. After that he didn't mention the party again. I was pretty sad for him - but didn't let it show.

Will's new box.  He sits in a box and plays with the boy's toys while I cook dinner.

Will is also sitting up the bathtub.  There is no better place in the world that the bathtub.