The Last of the "Firsts"

It seems like Will has just learned to do a whole lot of things all at once.  Roll over, hold his own bottle, sit up, babble. pull up (a little), so it stands to reason that all that energy he expends should help him sleep better at night.  Well  . . . fingers crossed . . . I think it has.  For the past several nights Will has slept from 8:00 p.m. to approximately 4:45 a.m  I give him a bottle at 4:45 and then put him back to bed until 7:00.  And the babbling I mentioned - he says "da-da-da" and "ba-ba-ba."  Michael is not convinced that he is saying daddy, but instead just repeating sounds that are typically easy for babies to make.  I am 100% convinced that "ba-ba-ba" means ma-ma.

Now that Will is completely weaned, he isn't very interested in letting me rock him to sleep.  He fusses, and wiggles and pulls away until I lay him down.  He would much rather lay in the floor and drink his bottle than have me give it to him.

Will does not suck his thumb. So, I'm not sure how I got this picture. 

After he has finished his last bottle of the evening he prefers that I lay him in his crib and leave him alone. He giggles and smiles when I lay him down and give him is lion LUV.  I have to keep reminding myself when I see that he is happier alone in his bed than rocking with me that this was the goal. (We spent many nights listening to him scream for hours.) He is doing so good now.

He has also joined our family at the dinner table. He tasted a little broccoli last night.  And he is getting better at eating baby food.  He happily ate an entire bowl of oatmeal tonight.

He got his first tooth too.  It is the bottom left/center tooth. This sucker came in two days shy of him turning 9 months old.  It is also coincided with Will's very first "morning breath" incident.