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5 Years Old

Well, its hard to believe but Finn is five today.  I'm just going to be very honest - today was a tough day for me emotionally.  It all started when I woke up and saw Finn curled up next to me.  It went downhill from there.  As I was getting ready for work, Finn walked into my bathroom, bedhead and all, came straight over and gave me a hug.  For some reason I almost cried then and there.  I don't know why, but five feels different from four, and it has weighed heavy on me all day.  Don't get me wrong, I am so thankful that Finn is a healthy five year old - I just can't believe that it has happened so quickly.

In celebration of his 5th birthday, I gave Finn (and Sam, of course) donuts for breakfast.  Finn was so excited. After his first bite of the warm Krispy Kreme donut, Finn exclaimed that it is his FAVORITE.  

Sam loved them too - but who doesn't love a warm Krispy Kreme donuts.

Next it was time for school.  Finn was super pumped that his birthday fell on chapel day.  Finn brought "Little Debbie" fall cakes to share with friends at snack.  On the way to school I asked Sam if he was going to be good at school. His response, "not on your life."  What? The rest of the way I was racking my brain on where he heard that one.

The next hard part of the day came as I was killing time before going to get the boys from school. On Wednesdays I usually work at Starbucks for a couple of hours in between the Wednesday docket and getting the boys.  While I was at Starbucks, I happened to see a Facebook post from Emily.

It was a picture and her and Finn at the hospital the day after he was born.  It is just the sweetest picture. When I saw it, I felt like someone had kicked me in the stomach.  I then made the mistake of looking through the blog about his birth.  

A bit later I got a call from Michael and he told me that he was going to be stuck in Memphis for another evening so he wouldn't be able to come home for Finn's party.  Gran and Pa had planned a small party for Finn since Pa was in town.  We decided to move it to the next day so that Michael could be there too.  We had already told Finn all about it so I knew he would be disappointed.  That was more than my overly emotional heart could stand, so I scrambled to plan something special for Finn's real birthday.  I made plans to take the boys bowling.  Then I ran to Wal-Mart to buy him something that he could open. I decided on something that is totally inappropriate (a silly Rabbids toy that makes noise).  Had I not been so emotional, I would have said "good riddance" as I passed by it.

I picked the boys up at the normal time.  When Finn got in the car I told him that we were going to reschedule his party so that daddy could be there.  In true "Finn fashion" Finn responds, "Can we please have it tonight - I didn't want daddy there that badly anyway."

When we got home I let Finn open his present (we will give him his other presents at his party on the 25th).  He was so happy.

Sam watching Finn open his present.

Sam figuring out that birthdays are only fun if it is your own.

Next we went to "Circus World" for some bowling.  While waiting for Gran and Pa, Finn and Sam ate grape cotton candy.

Finn, Sam and I bowled the first game while Gran, Pa and Mimi got everything set up.
Mimi gave Finn a remote control dinosaur - Finn was really excited. 

Sam got some "light up" Batman shoes.

After pizza and presents, we played a few more rounds.  I had to tell them every single time to get their heads out of the ball dispenser.  I have no idea how we left that place without a skull fracture. 

Finn loves this little contraption.  Oh, and Finn loves to bowl. I wish I could adequately describe how excited Finn was.  He was so busy.  I don't think he sat still for more than second the entire time.   

After the pins would fall, Sam would throw his arms around me and laugh.  So precious.


Despite my weepiness, it turned out to be a great night.  It was nice to see Finn have so much fun. 

We love you Finn. Love, Mom and Dad. 


  1. So sweet. Let's just be super poor and keep having lots of babies (even if it's only for that wonderful hospital stay that brings so much happiness....lots of babies for a 3 day high!!)


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