Finn's 5th Birthday Party

Okay, I know it seems like we have celebrated Finn's birthday for the past two weeks (and technically we have), but we had Finn's actual party on Thursday.  It was the only time slot available at FBC Hendersonville.  We chose FBC because it has a great play area and it is very reasonable.

 Finn had a great time playing with his cousins and friends.  They played from 6:00 to 7:00.

 Elana and Gran.

 Group picture of all the kids at Finn's party.

 I love this one of Sam and Hank.

 Check out this cake - probably my all-time favorite "Kake Lady" cake.

 Finn requested face painting and balloons.  Finn decided on a ninja turtle mask.

 Finn, JT and Ethan.

 Sam broke the mold and went for Batman.

 At the end of the party we hurriedly opened Finn's presents.   We told Finn that he was to LOVE everything - no questions asked.  He explained to him that he might get something that he already has and if that happens that he is to smile, say thank you and not mention that he already has one.  Kids' parties make me a nervous wreck!  Finn did a great job!

After all the presents were opened, the kids ran up and down the halls pretending to impale each other with their balloon swords.

Thank you Nana for taking these pictures!

At the end of the evening Papa and Finn were playing with the balloon animals.  Papa was heckling Finn about a "nonsensical" animal that Papa made.  Papa would say something along the lines of "Finn, I know what this is - you tell me what you think it is."  After several minutes of back-and-forth, Finn said, "I think it is a pecker."  Finn couldn't figure out why we were so tickled.