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Hershey, PA

For the past week, we have been in Towanda, Pennsylvania.  The night before we left for Hershey, we were awoken by a loud scratchy sound.  When we got up we saw that Sandy had climbed in the bed with Sam.

The next morning we all got up and drove to Hershey, Pennsylvania to meet James, Chelsea, David and Sharon.  The trip from Towanda to Hershey took about 3 hours.  Sam and Finn drank Icey's on the first leg of the trip - prompting "side of the road" bathroom breaks.  Sam even got in on the fun - he used the potty for the first time at a gas station.  As a reward we got him some mini M & M's and Swedish Fish.  I don't know if it actually counts as "going." I tickled him while he was on the potty and I think that I released his bladder.  He was so proud, nonetheless.

When we got to Hershey, we checked into the room.  The boys were so excited about staying in a hotel. 

Sam was obsessed with the phone.

Next we went to celebrate Pa's birthday.

After supper everyone came back to our hotel for "wrestling."

The next morning we all went to Hershey Park.  We stopped for breakfast at Cafe Zooka.

Riding the tram over to the park.

Once inside, the boys were officially measured.  This was pretty neat.  After taking their measurements, they gave the boys a bracelet.  This lets you know exactly which rides they can ride.

First we rode the "mini Himalaya."   Sam rode with Gran.  At first he decided that he would fuss.  When the ride started he changed his mind and decided that the ride was really fun.

Next they rode the dinosaurs.  Sam held on to both sides the entire time.  Sam is so funny while on rides.  He shows no emotion whatsoever.  Finn laughs and hollers.  Sam stares straight ahead, completely expressionless.

Next we went to ride the "Comet."  This is one of the wooden roller coasters in the park. Finn and David sat in the front row.  This ride was really fast and jar us to death.  Finn made it through and didn't fuss or cry, but didn't want to ride it again.
While we were riding, Sam, Gran, Pa and Uncle James went to play games.
Sam also rode the giant swing with Uncle James.  He loved it.  He didn't want to get off.
Then we went to eat lunch at the food court.  The boys at pizza and Dip-n-Dots.  After lunch we all rode the "lazer shooting game."  This was just like the "Buzz Lightyear" ride at Disney.  Sharon and I played Michael and Finn.  Sharon and I won.  Sam rode with Uncle David.  Sam didn't score one point.

Then we went to ride the swings.  Finn and Sam both rode.  Finn loved it.  Sam did not.  He was a little nervous before the ride got started.  When the ride started he started to cry.  He cried through the entire ride.  Every he swung by where we were standing, all of us cheered him on.  This had no effect on Sam's mood whatsoever. I bet looked hilarious though.
After the swings David and Finn went to the water park area and played in the water.

At the end of the day the boys rode the remaining kids ride.  They almost got kicked off this ride for wiggling too much.
Chelsea and Sam on the Carousel.
For supper that evening we went to Quaker Steak and Lube, where they rode the best ride of the day - the motorcycle video game.

Overall, it was a great day.  We had nice weather, good company and the boys had a ball. Thank you Gran and Pa for a great day.


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