On Saturday my friend Samantha and I went to see NeedtoBreathe at the Fontanel. It was the best concert I have ever seen. I have never been to the Fontanel before and I must say that I may never want go anywhere else.  We found a great little spot next to the stage on a little hill. We laid out our blanket and took in the scenery while waiting for the opening act.   We thought that we had hit the jackpot of seats until we realized that everyone was going to stand up the entire time.

The Oh Hello's opened and they were really good.

About four songs into the set, I decided that I would join the crowd and found a nice place to stand close to the stage.  I'm not sure how we managed with over 4500 people there.

They played a great set: 

1. State I'm In
2. Wanted Man
3. Drive All Night
4. Difference Maker
5. Multiplied
6. Wasteland 
7. Washed by the Water
8. Brother
9. The Heart
10. Girl Named Tennessee
11. Keep Your Eyes Opened
12. Something Beautiful
13. The Outsiders