Monday, May 4, 2015

Chik-Fil-A for Uganda

Tonight Michael, Finn, Sam, Gran and I went to Chik-Fil-A in Goodlettsville for "Spirit Night."  On this particular night, the owner, Todd, gave a percentage of all sales to Roger Pond for his mission trip.  Roger has been a member of our Sunday School class for five years.  Roger is also going with us to Uganda.  This will be his fourth trip.

When we arrived the place was packed! Todd had a DJ playing kids music and there was a guy making balloon "everythings."

We had a great time as a family.  Both of the boys were in excitable/sweet moods.

Finn really liked the cow.  He came by and high-fived us all.

This Elena.  Elena will be going to Uganda too.  The two girls to Elena's left are Roger and Anna Pond's daughters.

This balloon guy was incredible. He could make anything.  Sam couldn't decide what he wanted so he got a pirate hat.

We all wore the hat at some point.

Finn asked for a "Hulk Smash." 

Near the end of the evening, the DJ asked everyone to come up and announce what they like best about school.  If they answered the question, they were rewarded with a card for free food.  Finn's answer was "recess."

When Sam was asked the same question, he responded, "I hit someone at school."  Before Sam and Finn walked up, the DJ specified that there were NO WRONG ANSWERS. so Sam got his free food card too.  They were both very excited. 

When we didn't think they could get any more excited, the DJ started playing "Eye of the Tiger."  They both jumped up and started dancing.  Then Sam followed me around while punching me in the thighs. (See Footnote)

It was truly a great night. 

Footnote:  When referring to the song "Eye of the Tiger" Sam says, "I want to listen to Clubber Lang."  He names the songs based on who Rocky was fighting when the song was played in the movie.  Sam can also now accurately quote the lines from the movie while listening to the music. This morning we were listening to "War" or as Sam calls it "Ivan Drago"(Finn calls it "The Serious Song") At the exact moment it happens in the movie Sam yells out "NO PAIN!"  I was one proud mama. 

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  1. Sweet little Sam had to confess! Wish I could have been there with you all.


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