Since school was out on Wednesday the boys stayed home with me on Thursday and Friday.  They played while I antiqued my cabinets and stained the grout lines in my kitchen.

On Friday my friend Elena came by and we took our kids down to the creek.  While we were chatting away Sam and Olivia crossed over to the other side.

It was pretty slick and they both fell into the water.  Later that day we took the boys to the pool for the first time this season.  I was so proud of Finn - he is actually swimming under water on his own.

Saturday was much of the same.  I spent most of the day working on the house in preparation for Dad and Gigi coming to help me put up the back splash and paint.  But before the work started I sat and snuggled with the boys.

Sam was so precious putting this puzzle together.

Finn took these.

On Saturday night we went over to Samantha and Matt's house for dinner.  We sat and ate pizza on their patio while the boys (Finn, Sam and Evan) played in the backyard.  

On Sunday Grandad and Gigi came to help me finish my redecorating project.  It turned out great!  Thank you so much!