Sam's First Basketball Practice

Last Monday night was Sam's first basketball practice.  It was Finn's first for the season too, but it was Sam's first ever practice.  He was so excited to go.  There are six kids on his team. Brandon is the coach and Michael is the assistant coach.

Sam was a little timid.  Frankly, I was surprised at his timidity. At home he is super aggressive.  As the night went on he got a little better, but I could tell that he wasn't giving 100%.

This is the team doing their mid-practice bible study.  At this session the team was supposed to pick a team name.  One little girl asked to be named the Brown Bloodwolves - they settled for the Brown Bears (sounds like the book).

Finn's practice was right after Sam's.  They had some "team name" drama as well.  One of the players wanted to be called the "Begley Baby Pups."  The boys on the team all vetoed the name and they wound up with the "Begley Bucks."  

Will came to both practices.  He was pretty good - seeing as how there is plenty to watch and listen too.