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Upward 2016

Today, January 14, 2017, was the boy's first Upward game.  It is also Sam's birthday - but I'll save that for another post.

This morning around 6:00 Finn comes into my bathroom looking like world was going to end.  Upon inquiry, I learned that Finn was nervous about his first game.  I know the feeling - I get nervous before everything. I was just hoping that my boys didn't inherit my uneasy nerves.

We arrived at the gym a little before 8:00 and I got my "pre-game" pictures.

I love Sam's legs!  It is fitting that Sam is the number 5 considering his 5th birthday was today. 

I asked him to give me a pose - and this what he came up with. 

Will spent much of his time eating with Nana. He had three (3) bottles during the game. 

Sam's team:  Evan, Sam, Ella and John Matthew. I took this right before they got started.  I can't tell if Sam is really giving me a thumbs up or just trying to appease me so that I will go away. 

The assistant coach and Abbey. Michael looked so sweet over there talking to her. 

This is how they start the games.  They line the kids up and show them who they are supposed to guard.  I don't think it worked.  Those kids had no idea who they were supposed to guard - or even that they were supposed to be guarding. 

I was so excited about this game.  From having watched practices, I knew that they would be the WORST team imaginable, and I get a big kick out of painfully terrible things.  Two (2) of our players didn't show up. so we drafted John Matthew to play.  So on the Kindergarten team - we had two K-4 kids.  

Running out during introductions

The game got off to a rocky start.  They were as bad as I had envisioned.  But, mid-way through something happened - they started scoring.  I am pretty sure that we won that game - by a lot. 

Sam made four (4) baskets.  He was so excited after every one.  He threw both hands up in the air and started running back down court - whooping all the way.  He looked like he had just won the national title game. 

I was also surprised at Sam's ball handling skills - he did great with his dribbling. 

At half time I went over to tell him how proud I was of him.  He looked at me and said, "Mom, when do I get a turn to sit on the bench."

During Sam's game, Finn kept score, played with Jack, said his memory verse and hung with his family. 

A picture with Sam after the game. 

Then it was Finn's turn. He did great too!  I think he scored four (4) goals as well.  He also played great defense and maintained a good attitude the whole time. 

Finn and this little girl went at it the whole game.  They were on each other like "white on rice."  At one point the ref has to break them up. 

What a difference a year makes.  He has improved so much!

Will practicing gluttony.  This was the last of his third bottle. 

Sam took these pictures during Finn's game. 

I had so much fun watching these games.  I know that I screamed like a crazy person - but I wanted the boys to know that I was involved, invested and so proud.  But I think my screaming paid off.  I wasn't just screaming for fun - I was screaming instructions to Sam.  And do you know what - he listened!  If I yelled "arms up," he put his hands up.  He asked me why I talk to him during the games.  I said, "would you like for me to stop?"  He got a huge grin on his face and said, "NO - I like it when you talk to me during the games." 

He was pretty excited about that Powerade.


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