Class Picnic

On Sunday our Sunday School class had a picnic as Moss Wright park.  We rented a pavilion and we all brought food.  After we ate we had an Easter Egg hunt for the kids.  We have a ton of young kids – all around the same age.  Sam came back with a bag full of eggs.  Finn came back with about 7.  The second I saw his basket, I knew what had happened.  Finn spent most of his time looking for the “golden egg.”  He decided that his time was too valuable to be spend picking up normal eggs.  I told Finn that I was impressed with his strategy - and I truly was.  He made a conscious decision to only search for the best, even though doing so meant that he sacrificed quantity.  I hope this mindset continues on through adolescence and into adulthood. 

Next we played kickball.  It started as the dads v. moms/kids.  It was really unfair!  Michael did switch over and played with us, which helped to even it out a bit.  I played with Sam.  He stood next to me the whole time and helped me catch balls in the outfield.  Since the dads could really boot it hard, Sam and I spent most of our time running.  One time my foot hit a patch of mud and I fell hard.  I felt like a cartoon character whose body folds up like an accordion. It hurt all the way into my jaw.  

Next it was time for the kids to kick.  I played with Sam again.  Sam would kick and then I would run with him to base.  Finn loved it too!  Even I forgot how much fun kickball is.  Will did not play kickball – he sat in the shade with Amanda and Rachel.  After the game ended, the kids soaked us all with water balloons.  The picnic ended with the all the adults lounging on the picnic blankets – wet, tired and sore.