The "Real" Easter Story

In an attempt to keep the Easter post as sterile as possible - I didn't mention what actually happened on Easter.  Sam had the stomach bug.  Sam has had stomach bugs before and knows what to do - i.e. get a bucket! Unfortunately, this "bug" was uncharted territory for Sam.  I am speaking about "diarrhea." All I have to say is poor, poor Sam.  He didn't know what to do.  He felt like he needed to throw up, so he stood face down over the commode.  That's when it happened.  And, yes, it's what you're thinking.  Poor Sam looked up at Michael with confusion etched on his face and said exclaimed what had happened (as if an explanation was necessary).  

This happened early in the morning so we put Sam back in bed and hoped that he would feel better before church.  No such luck. His second episode came after he was fully dressed - in his Easter clothes.  Fortunately, there was no "leakage" so the Easter outfit remained in tact.  I put Sam in a pull up and put him in the car.

Sam and I spent much of the Easter service in the bathroom.  He didn't have anymore episodes at church, but his previous episodes upset him/spooked him so badly that he was afraid to be away from the toilet.  

The next morning, we decided to keep Sam home from school.   His face sums up how badly he felt. 

Sam, showing me his Easter cup.  He is also wearing his "Sam" Easter shirt that Gran and Aunt Chelsea made. 

We sent Sam back to school on Tuesday.  He was a little embarrassed that he had to wear a pull-up, but I assured him that no one would know unless he told them.  He promised that he wouldn't tell his friends.  When I picked him up at the end of the day, his teacher told me that Sam was in the bathroom.   As I was turning the corner, I heard a loud sound from the bathroom.  "MOM! WILL YOU WIPE ME?" The school is not allowed to wipe the children so Sam decided that he would sit on the potty until I got there. I got so tickled at him! There is no telling how long he waited.  

Overall, Sam's stomach bug - and accompanying side effects - lasted four (4) days.  We kept him hydrated and everything had completely cleared up by Thursday morning.