First Day of Kindergarten and 2nd Grade

Today, Sam started Kindergarten.  I woke him up around 6:45 and his first words were "Mom, do I go to Kindergarten today?"  I told him "yes" and he hopped out of bed.  He then strutted around the house loudly proclaiming "I am in Kindergarten!"  He was also really excited to wear the HCA uniform for the first time.  

Showing off their new backpacks.

Will didn't start anything new today, but Finn didn't want to leave him out.

 I dropped Will off at daycare and then met the boys at school.  We dropped Finn off first. I asked him for a picture - and this was the face he gave me.

I then asked for a picture were he looked less constipated.

Next we took Sam to his room.  I explained the night before that he will need to walk into his room by himself after the first day.  When we arrived at the door, Sam gave me a hug and told me that he could walk in all by himself.  I told that "just for today" I could go in too. 

He first put his backpack away - and then he found his seat. 

He did a really good job.  There were no tears, though I thought he looked a little sad.  

As I was leaving he noticed that one of his friends from K4 was sitting as his name table.  They looked so happy to see each other. 

When I picked them up that afternoon, Sam had no complaints. He seemed to adjust easily.  Oh, and they don't take naps anymore in Kindergarten.  That will help Sam's conduct more than anything.